Episode 27: Eric Emanon

August 6, 2017

This week Corey, Travis Joe and Sean-Paul welcome Eric Emanon (Indy Card Mafia) to the show. As one half of the Indy Card Mafia Emanon has carved out a spot as one of the hardest working and hardest traveled men on the indy scene. Join us as we discuss his start in wrestling, what life on the road is like and find out exactly what #TheTakeover is all about.

Make sure to like Eric Emanon on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ericemanonprowrestling), Twitter (https://twitter.com/ericemanon), YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/ericemanon), and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/icm_emanon/) to keep up to date on all of the happenings with him and the Indy Card Mafia and be sure to grab a t-shirt at http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/wrestler-t-shirts/ericemanon.html

Thanks to our friends in WAX for our intro and outro music! Make sure to check them out at https://waxoh.bandcamp.com/.

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